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Our local support team will go to your home and get exact size after your inquiry.

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We have our own CNC center to fabricate polycarbonate sheets.

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Excelite is also polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, you will get pool enclosure at the most reasonable price.


On Time, Every Time provision of Quality pool enclosures - at dependable low prices.


Popular Automatic Swimming Pool Covers for Family

Excelite Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

EXCELITE Automatic Swimming Pool Covers are easily opened and closed thanks to their built-in motorized roller. The turning of a key is all that is needed to get it working. Our different solutions, whether with submerged or above-ground covers, can be adapted to different types of private pools.

EXCELITE Automatic swimming pool covers are now available in various colors, the design and composition enable the cover to float over the water surface.

EXCELITE Automatic Swimming Pool Covers provides safety and peace of mind. For times of the year when the swimming pool is not in use and for families with small children, having a cover for your pool is an essential safety measure. Our covers resist up to 900 kg in the middle of the cover.

Having a swimming pool and being able to enjoy it whenever you like is a pleasure, but it is essential to have the devices and means to keep the water and the pool in perfect condition.

Excelite Automatic Swimming pool covers provide you with year-round peace of mind, ensuring that when the cover is closed, it prevents accidents such as children or pets falling into the pool.

They are an essential safety system.Also, at Excelite, we have our own CNC center to fabricate polycarbonate sheets which is the material used for this automatic swimming pool cover. Send us your drawing today and we will customize it for you.

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