Save Over $10,000 on Your Pool Enclosure Cost

You want to have a pool enclosure with affordable price, Excelite supply the world's most affordable pool enclosure.Cost from $2999 !

Why Excelite Can Save Your Money on Retractable Pool Enclosure

Original Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

As a professional polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, Excelite can save 50% material cost on your pool enclosure screen panel.

15 Years Warranty for Your Pool Enclosure

We provide 15 years warranty for your inground swimming pool enclosure. We use high quality polycarbonate sheet and aluminum profile.

No Middle Man Cost on Your Enclosure

Your pool enclosure is manufactured by Excelite pool enclosure factory. So you get the lowest price on your enclosure.

1000+ sets Pool Enclosure Manufacturing Experience

During the past two years , Excelite has manufactured over 1000 sets pool enclosure and export to different countries. We control every step cost and save you money.


Most Affordable Pool Enclosure Models

Pool Enclosure That Save Your Cost

How much do you think a pool enclosure will cost ? and how many things you need to consider on a screen pool enclosure cost?

Actually the swimming pool enclosure price is very easy to judge on . Normally quoted based on your swimming pool size. Do not trust those who quote you based on square meter, or material weight . All those are too complicated and they may include a lot of hide cost.

Excelite pool enclosure is made of high impact polycarbonate solid sheet and aluminum 6063 profile. We aim to supply the most affordable pool enclosure to every family. You can save over $10,000 on a inground pool enclosure compared with your local dealer.

Get a the latest retractable pool enclosure price today , price from $2999.  it’s easy , just tell us your pool size and our support team will get back to you within 10 hours.

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