Excelite Telescopic Pool Enclosure

If you want to extend your swim season year-round or reduce your pool maintenance by 20%. Then Excelite Telescopic Pool Enclosure maybe your better choice. Save your $10,000 on your pool enclosure cost today!

Why Excelite Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure

Save your pool enclosure cost right now

As the pool enclosure material manufacturer ,Excelite manufactures the most affordable telescopic swimming pool in the world. You will get better pool enclosure price compared with your local dealer.

15 Years Warranty on Any Excelite Telescopic Pool Enclosure

You will get up to 15 years warranty on your telescopic swimming pool enclosure.Excelite pool enclosure is made of solid polycarbonate sheet and 6063 aluminum profile. Quality will be better than the normally hollow sheet.

Reduce Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost Right Now

A telescopic swimming pool will keep your pool clean all the time. It free your pool of debris, insects, and animals. Also, keep the heat of your pool at a warm level. Save money on chemicals and water for your swimming pool.

Improve Your Swimming Pool Safety All The Day

Polycarbonate sheet and aluminum are perfect material due to their strength. Your pool enclosure will be safe for your children or pets. Also, every Excelite telescopic pool enclosure has a locking system, so happy with it


You Need a Telescopic Pool Enclosure for a Better Life, And Excelite is Here to Help You

Three years ago, We upload the first web page of telescopic swimming pool enclosure.


Because swimming pool is one of the applications of Excelite polycarbonate sheet, So we published a webpage called ” swimming pool cover”.

A few months later, we got the first inquiry about swimming pool enclosure. It is from Mike Dolson in UK. Mike told us that he needs a retractable pool enclosure to cover the pool, and the local dealer charged him $35,000!

Yes, this is the market. And as the original polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, we decided to dive into the pool enclosure market and built a factory to manufacture the swimming pool enclosure in 2015.

This is the whole story.

Excelite aims to let every family afford a pool enclosure, and if you are looking for a better price on your telescopic pool enclosure, you are in the right place.

Just tell us our pool Size and you will get a quick quote within 8 hours of working time.

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